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This blog is moving to thefoodsmith.blogspot.com. Yes, the address now sounds like a bad winter cold. Really, “blogspot” is about the least attractive word I can imagine. But I wanted to have a little more control over details like font and color, without having to know css or html and definitely without paying for the privilege of tweaking those things. So, to blogspot I go.

I know most of you read this on email or facebook and never see the blog’s design. But I see it everyday, so it matters to me!

What this means to you is that you need to change the address in your bookmarks or feedreader or whatever you use. If you get it as an email subscription, then no worries. I’m moving the feed for you and these little posts should keep on coming your way. But if that’s you, or if you’re a facebook reader, then come check out the blog itself … it’s nice. There’s a great Bonhoeffer quote on the sidebar, and to sweeten the deal, pictures of elephants! (oh wait, my readership isn’t made up of 22-month-old boys?) But really, the elephants are pretty darn cool. Come check it out!


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See that new little addition over on the side? That thing that almost every blog has but which I’d sadly neglected until now? Oh yes, blogroll please (sometimes I just kill myself) … that would be the list of blogs I’m reading regularly right now. My mother-in-law asked me the other day what blogs I read and how I find them, which made me realize what a slacker I’ve been in the blogroll department, and so to make up for it, you not only get a list but an annotated list–lucky you. 

You’ll note it’s not actually that long, not anything like the blogroll on most blogs. That’s not to say I don’t read others, it’s just that I try to keep my computer time somewhat under control and so these are the ones that I check in on regularly, for now.    

craft/life blogs:

soulemama — Probably my favorite blog. I find her totally inspiring, and love the way she has woven making and creating things into the everyday fabric of her family. Some favorite posts here, here and here.  

forty-two roads–I love, love love this cardboard kitchen she designed for her daughter.  And I’m planning to make one for Finn one of these months…  (link is to her etsy shop, where she sells plans for the kitchen.)

ohdeedoh–apartment therapy’s nursery section.  Beautiful, inspiring home design for kids.  Often frugal too! 

 parenting blogs:

life is good–Marcy has a son about Finn’s age, has lived overseas, and, as a Montessori teacher, is incorporating Montessori practices into her home.  She got me started reading about Montessori and I’m hooked. Check out this video, and prepare to be amazed!   

sortacrunchy–alternative, natural parenting meets evangelical Christian.  

Avocado, perhaps? — my friend Meredith’s funny, sweet and wise parenting observations  

food blogs:

Orangette–I, along with everyone else, it seems, love how Molly tells stories about food, and then tells you how to make that food. She also takes drool-worthy photos. It was her wedding feast that really won me over. 

baker’s banter–the blog for King Arthur Flour. enough said. 

catherine newman–she is laugh-out-loud funny.  I read it ostensibly for the ideas on what to cook for dinner, but really for the laughs. 

Appetite for China–not one I actually read as a blog, but a great resource when I want to cook some regional Chinese dish. 


James Fallows–writer for The Atlantic, living in Beijing, he writes about technology, politics, flying, China and anything else that strikes his fancy. We mainly read it for his political analysis and his insights into all things Chinese.

God’s Politics–the Sojourners blog –a Christian alternative to the Religious Right. I like the magazine better than the blog, but it’s still often thought-provoking.   

 Chip’s–my brother’s blog. He doesn’t post that often (not trying to make you feel guilty!) but when he does, it’s thoughtful and smart. He takes great pictures.

Krissie’s–my oldest friend in the world, met when we weren’t even two and we’re still friends.  These days we keep in touch mainly through our blogs, and I love that aspect of online life.

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